K-Pop Fans Can Now Discover Their Inner Idol with Spotify Quiz

Calling all K-Pop enthusiasts! Spotify has launched a fun and interactive quiz to help you uncover your K-Pop persona.

Unfamiliar with the term “persona” in K-Pop? It refers to the distinct public role each member plays within a K-Pop group, like Main Vocal, Main Dancer, or Main Rapper.

This five-question quiz, accessible within the Spotify app, will determine your K-Pop persona.

Are you a dazzling Main Visual, a powerhouse Main Vocal, a charismatic Main Dancer, a skilled Main Rapper, or a dedicated Trainee on the rise?

True to K-Pop fan culture, the quiz goes a step further. Upon completion, you’ll receive a personalized photocard (like those collectible trading cards) showcasing your K-Pop persona, perfect for sharing your results on social media.

Get ready to show off your K-Pop identity – the quiz is available until May 10th!

K-Pop’s Global Takeover

K-Pop’s meteoric rise as a global music phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down.

In the US alone, K-Pop became the third most popular music language in 2023, according to Luminate, an entertainment data company.

The US is also the second-biggest K-Pop importer globally, following closely behind Japan.

Spotify Recognizes the K-Pop Wave

Just like Spotify caters to dedicated fanbases like Swifties with interactive features and curated playlists, they haven’t forgotten about fans of BTS, NewJeans, and other K-Pop stars.

While international genres like K-Pop, música mexicana, Afrobeats, and Indian classical instrumental music might not dominate Spotify’s top 10 charts, they’re generating millions of streams worldwide.

In fact, Spotify reports a staggering increase in K-Pop streams – over 180% in the US and a whopping 360% globally since 2018.

It’s a smart move for Spotify to acknowledge the immense popularity of international artists, from K-Pop groups like Blackpink to Colombian singer Karol G, who are captivating audiences in the US and beyond.

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