Threads Tests “Archive” Feature: Clean Up Your Feed Without Deleting Forever

Sharing on social media can be fun, but sometimes you might want to declutter your profile.

Threads is exploring a new way to manage your past posts with an “archive” feature currently in testing.

This feature, as explained by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, allows users to hide older posts from their profiles. There are two options:

  • Manual Archiving: For specific posts you want to tuck away, simply tap the three dots in the top corner and select “Archive now.” This works similarly to the existing archive option on Instagram.
  • Automatic Archiving (limited test): A select group of users can choose to automatically archive posts after a set period of time. This lets you keep a clean feed without worrying about manually selecting each post.

The key takeaway? You’re not deleting anything! Archived posts remain accessible and can be easily unhidden whenever you want.

This feature addresses a long-standing request from users on other platforms like Twitter, who often rely on third-party tools to achieve a similar outcome.

If the test proves successful, Threads could offer a built-in solution for managing your digital footprint.

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