Classic Japanese Tech Giants for Your Crossword Puzzle

Here are some well-known Japanese tech companies that might be the answer you’re looking for, depending on the number of letters and any additional clues provided in your crossword:

Short Answers (3-5 letters):

  • Sony (Electronics giant known for PlayStation, Walkman, and Bravia TVs)
  • Canon (Leading camera and printer manufacturer)
  • Casio (Electronics company known for calculators and watches)
  • Nikon (Major camera manufacturer)
  • Sega (Video game developer and publisher)
  • Fuji (Photography and imaging company)
  • Sharp (Electronics company, known for TVs and home appliances)

Medium Answers (6-8 letters):

  • Panasonic (Electronics manufacturer, known for TVs, home appliances, and Lumix cameras)
  • Yamaha (Musical instruments, audio equipment, and motorcycles)
  • Nintendo (Video game developer and publisher known for Mario, Zelda, and Pok√©mon)
  • Mitsubishi (Conglomerate with a large technology division, known for TVs, AC units, and cars)
  • Hitachi (Conglomerate with a strong presence in technology sectors like power tools and electronics)

Longer Answers (9+ letters):

  • Konica Minolta (Imaging and printing company)
  • Fujitsu (Information technology and telecommunications company)
  • NEC (Information technology and electronics company)
  • Kyocera (Electronics and ceramics manufacturer, known for printers and solar panels)
  • SoftBank (Telecommunications and tech investment conglomerate)


Consider the number of letters allowed in the crossword for the answer.
Look for any additional clues that might narrow it down (e.g., “Makes gaming consoles” for Nintendo).

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