Google to Unite Your To-Dos: Keep Reminders Move to Tasks

Calling all Google list-makers! Your wish has been granted. Google announced plans to integrate reminders from Keep into Tasks, finally bringing all your to-dos under one roof.

This long-awaited change, rolling out over the next year, will allow you to seamlessly view, edit, and complete your Keep reminders within Tasks.

This integration extends across Google’s productivity suite, meaning you’ll have access to your unified list in Calendar and Assistant as well.

Tasks is poised to become the central hub for all your reminders and to-dos, streamlining your workflow and making managing your tasks a breeze.

This aligns perfectly with what our own David Pierce suggested last year regarding Google’s Keep update: “Now, Google, make Keep reminders show up in Tasks. It’s right there!”

While Tasks won’t inherit Keep’s location-based reminder functionality, Google assures users that the ability to “add time or location-based reminders to any note” remains available within Keep itself.

This move follows Google’s year-long effort to bolster the Tasks app, transforming it from “not bad” to “finally kind of good,” as David phrased it.

The March 2023 integration of reminders from Assistant and Calendar marked a significant step in this direction. With Keep joining the fold, Tasks is poised to become the ultimate productivity companion for Google users.

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