PlayStation Portal Makes a Reappearance at Retailers

Attention PS5 owners on the go! The elusive PlayStation Portal is finally back in stock at select retailers, including Best Buy and Sony’s PlayStation Direct store.

This handheld remote player, priced at $199.99, lets you take your PS5 gaming experience anywhere in your house, as long as you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

While not quite a competitor to the likes of the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck (it lacks dedicated processing power), the Portal offers a convenient option for those who can’t always be glued to the living room TV.

Here’s a breakdown of what it offers:

  • Portable Power: The Portal boasts an 8-inch 1080p LCD display nestled comfortably between two halves of a
  • DualSense controller. This means you get all the bells and whistles of Sony’s latest gamepad, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.
  • Remote Play Ready: The Portal’s sole function is to stream PS5 games via Remote Play. This requires a PS5 console and a reliable Wi-Fi connection to function smoothly.

Keep in Mind:

  • Wireless Woes: The Portal utilizes Sony’s proprietary Link protocol for wireless audio, limiting you to Pulse Explore earbuds and Pulse Elite headsets. No Bluetooth options here. Thankfully, a trusty 3.5mm headphone jack is available for those wired headphone loyalists.
  • Wi-Fi Worries: A weak Wi-Fi connection can be your worst enemy with the Portal. Lag can turn your gaming session into a frustrating mess. Multiplayer games and titles requiring precise control are best left for the living room setup (ideally with an ethernet connection for rock-solid stability).

While there’s room for improvement (better wireless audio options and software updates to address potential lag), the PlayStation Portal currently holds the crown for the most convenient all-in-one solution for streaming PS5 games via Remote Play.

So, if you’ve been yearning for that on-the-go PlayStation experience, now might be your chance to snag one!

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