Overwatch 2 Gets Mirrored: Heroes Swap Sides and Abilities in New Game Mode

Overwatch 2’s latest update brings a reality-bending twist with “Mirrorwatch,” a limited-time mode available until May 13th.

Get ready to see your favorite heroes transformed – not just in allegiance, but also in their core abilities!

Heroes Flipped, Abilities Ripped

Mirrorwatch throws you into 5v5 battles where every hero boasts a completely revamped moveset. Sharpen your skills and adapt your strategies for this temporary game mode.

Rewards Await

Don’t miss out on the chance to earn exclusive rewards! Master the new abilities and rack up wins to unlock a legendary Orisa skin and up to 50,000 bonus Battle Pass XP.

The mode even features its own separate battle pass for dedicated players.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the hero transformations:

  • Doomfist (Strike Commander Ogundimu): Transforms into a support hero, using Rocket Punch to empower allies and granting overhealth with Seismic Slam.
  • Reinhardt (Fallen Knight): Gains a movement speed boost upon breaking his barrier and empowers allies’ projectiles with his revamped Barrier Field.
  • Zarya (Talon Zarya): Her barriers now not only block damage but also knock back enemies upon expiring. Her ultimate, Expulsion Zone, pushes enemies away.
  • Bastion (Gwishin Bastion): Gains a new Configuration: Reinforcement ability, allowing him to deploy allied Slicers.
  • Echo (Blackwatch Echo): Her ultimate, Maximum Efficiency, boosts attack speed and reduces all cooldowns.
  • Sombra (Agent Colomar): Hacks now benefit allies, granting them increased attack speed and overhealth. Her new Anti-Virus ability provides a health boost and increased attack speed to herself and nearby allies.
  • Tracer (Talon Tracer): Her new Bloodthirst ability steals health from enemies after dealing sustained damage.
  • Widowmaker (Captain Lacroix): Trades her sniper for an automatic assault rifle and gains a Silk Shield for protection.
  • Ana (Arch-Commadant Amari): Her Nano Boost now focuses on self-preservation, reducing damage taken and boosting healing for allies on her Biotic Rifle.
  • Brigitte (Talon Brigitte): Her Repair Pack grants lifesteal to allies, and her empowered Shield Bash sets enemies on fire.
  • Mercy (Vengeance): Unleashes a devastating new ultimate, Revenge, that grants her flight, rocket attacks, and enhanced abilities.

This is just a taste of the hero makeovers in Mirrorwatch. Dive into Overwatch 2 and experience this limited-time event before it fades away on May 13th!

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