Farewell, Fan-Made Mushroom Kingdoms: Garry’s Mod Parts Ways with Nintendo Content

Get ready to say goodbye to Hyrule field trips and first-person Mario adventures in Garry’s Mod.

The popular sandbox game is removing all Nintendo-related content from its Steam Workshop following copyright takedown requests from the gaming giant.

On Wednesday, Garry’s Mod developers acknowledged the disappearances in a Steam post, confirming it wasn’t a mistake and the takedowns originated from Nintendo themselves.

“This is fair enough,” the post reads, respecting Nintendo’s decision regarding its intellectual property.

This move comes after an earlier wave of removals this year, initially sparking suspicion of copyright trolling.

However, Garry Newman, the creator of Garry’s Mod, verified on social media that the latest takedowns are indeed “legit” requests from Nintendo.

The impact is significant. Years of player-created content, from transforming Super Mario 64 into a first-person shooter to exploring Hyrule as Link, will be vanishing from the Garry’s Mod experience.

With such a vast amount of Nintendo-themed content to remove, the developers are calling on the community to proactively remove any infringing work they may have uploaded.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has flexed its legal muscle regarding intellectual property.

Last year, the company played a role in the removal of the Dolphin Emulator from Steam and a $2.4 million lawsuit against the developers of the Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator sent chills through the emulation community.

While the reasons behind Nintendo’s strict stance remain unclear, this move removes a significant chunk of creative content from Garry’s Mod.

Only time will tell if the player community will find ways to adapt and create new, original experiences within the sandbox game.

Sc: theverge

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